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Taste and Price: When Values Shift

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Taste and Price: When Values Shift

I miss a lot of things that happen in the coffee press. There's just too much out there. But I recently caught glimpse of this and found it very thought-provoking.

Posting the image above to Instagram and asking for comments lead to a huge range of reactions. So I thought I would post my own thoughts in a better-suited format here.

Information Society

You now have access to Information Sheets on each of the coffees that you have purchased from the Shrub. These PDF's are designed for you to use for marketing and promotion and can be downloaded right off of the coffee pages. The download is located on each coffee page just under the coffee's name at the top. Download the info page and print it out to post up in your store or put it on your website so that your customers can get the story on these super coffees. Also, don't forget to follow the discussion on each of these coffees on the Shrub site and feel free to add your two cents.

Farm Gate Coffees

We've gotten several requests for information about our direct trade offerings, so we've started to note in each review which coffees we sell are part of our Farm Gate pricing program. Farm Gate coffees are coffees for which we've negotiated prices directly "at the farm gate," and for which we guarantee we've paid at least 150% of the Fair Trade price. For information on Farm Gate, check out the Farm Gate Coffee page.